Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Troubleshooting WCCP on the WAE

Begin troubleshooting on the WAE by using the show wccp services command. You want to see both services 61 and 62 configured, as follows
sh wccp services(On Cisco WAE)
Services configured on this Wide Area Engine
        TCP Promiscuous 61
        TCP Promiscuous 62
Next check the WCCP status by using the show wccp status command. You want to see that WCCP version 2 is enabled and active as follows:
#sh wccp status(On Cisco WAE)
WCCP version 2 is enabled and currently active
sh wccp routers(On Cisco WAE)
Router Information for Service: TCP Promiscuous 61
        Routers Seeing this Wide Area Engine(2)
        Router Id       Sent To
        x.x.x.x            y.y.y.y
        x1.x1.x1.x1   y1.y1.y1.y1

sh wccp gre(On Cisco WAE)
Transparent GRE packets received:              0<-----Increments for WCCP GRE redirection
Transparent non-GRE packets received:          2467369718<-----Increments for WCCP L2                                                                                                                            redirection
Transparent non-GRE non-WCCP packets received: 0<-----Increments for ACE or PBR redirection
Total packets accepted:                        892102614<-----Accepted for optimization; peer WAE                                                                                                                        found
Invalid packets received:                      7
Packets received with invalid service:         0
Packets received on a disabled service:        0
Packets received too small:                    0
Packets dropped due to zero TTL:               0
Packets dropped due to bad buckets:            0
Packets dropped due to no redirect address:    0
Packets dropped due to loopback redirect:      0
Pass-through pkts on non-owned bucket:         0
Connections bypassed due to load:              0
Packets sent back to router:                   348
GRE packets sent to router (not bypass):       0
Packets sent to another WAE:                   0
GRE fragments redirected:                      140487
GRE encapsulated fragments received:           0
Packets failed encapsulated reassembly:        0
Packets failed GRE encapsulation:              0
Packets dropped due to invalid fwd method:     0
Packets dropped due to insufficient memory:    0
Packets bypassed, no pending connection:       0
Connections bypassed during wccp shutdown:     0
Connections bypassed due to bypass-list lookup:0
Conditionally Accepted connections:            0
Conditionally Bypassed connections:            0
L2 Bypass packets destined for loopback:       0
Packets w/WCCP GRE received too small:         0
Packets dropped due to received on loopback:   0
Packets dropped due to IP access-list deny:    0
Packets fragmented for bypass:                 23
Packets fragmented for egress:                 0
Packet pullups needed:                         28610
Packets dropped due to no route found:         0

If WCCP redirection is working, either of the first two counters should be increment.
The Transparent non-GRE packets received counter increments for packets that are redirected using the WCCP Layer 2 redirect forwarding method.
The Transparent non-GRE non-WCCP packets received counter increments for packets that are redirected by a non-WCCP interception method (such as ACE or PBR).
The Total packets accepted counter indicates packets that are accepted for optimization because auto-discovery found a peer WAE.

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