Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Troubleshooting asymmetric routing issues in Cisco WAE

See for Current Active Pass-Through Flows in “sh statistics connection ”
There are multiple reasons why the traffic may be in pass through mode. It may be because of asymmetric routing, or it may be because of policy or classifier, or may be the traffic is not being redirected through WCCP
Then go and see pass through traffic in
#sh statistics pass-through | i As (In Cisco WAE)
Asymmetric                              1284                  88268196
Which will show you active and closed connection(1284 active,88268196 closed)
If we found active, then the next step is go and check for what connection this is active.
sh statistics connection pass-through | i As
And that’s BINGO!!!!...

Following the above steps you will be able to observe that for the given source and destination your WAE is working or not and if not then is there any issue regarding asymmetric routing.

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