Friday, 18 July 2014

A different approach

Hi friends , after taking alot of batches for CCNA , CCNP, special batches for MPLS , QOS ,BGP. I am planning to go online now , I am going to prepare the online classes , now the difference will be-

Here i am not going to take only that regular CCNA CCNP batches but also i am planning to have specific classes , like some students came to me and say they want to learn in and out of switching not only which is there in CCNA or CCNP , some came who want to have complete BGP knowledge from CCNP level to CCIE level and many more like this , so i am planning to give the online classes depending upon your requirement . Or come to me with your difficulties we will arrange a special session as per the requirements

Please post what you want know , i am planning to start from next month , as my CCNA+CCNP bootcamp is going on right now.

Just to let you know all ,I have switched my Company now i am in British Telecom as a Technical Analyst . :)

Waiting for your posts.....