Thursday, 8 October 2015

Application Traffic Policies (Cisco WAAS)

Application Traffic Policies
Ø  Policy that defines Cisco WAVE behavior for specific traffic types.
Ø  Configure ATPs for individual Cisco WAVEs, or globally through the Cisco WAAS Central Manager.
Ø  Register the Cisco WAVEs in the topology with Central Manager.
Application Definition
Ø  Logical grouping of traffic types.
Ø  Enable monitoring on an application group.
Ø  Globally configure application definitions in Central Mana.ger
Traffic Classifier
Ø  The traffic classifier is used  to identify a connection as  a specific type.
Ø  Actions are taken against  the classifier based on the configured policy map.

Policy Map
Ø  A policy map has two primary functions:
v  It associates a traffic classifier to an application definition for reporting purposes.
v  It assigns an action to be taken against traffic that matches a traffic classifier.
Ø  Policy maps are applied based on their ordering within Central Manager or on  the device itself.

Default Application Policy Logic

Default Application Policy Acceleration

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