Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Identify routing loops(On Cisco WAE)

If a WAE detects its own ID returned in the TCP options field, a redirection loop has occurred and results in the following syslog message:
%WAAS-SYS-3-900000: - - opt_syn_rcv: Routing Loop detected - Packet has our own devid. Packet dropped.
You can search the syslog.txt file for instances of this error by using the find command as follows
#find-pattern match "Routing Loop" syslog.txt (On Cisco WAE)
As per cisco -If you are doing outbound redirection on the router, as traffic leaves the router it will get redirected back to the WAE, which will reroute the packet out the router, causing a routing loop
But if we are not using outbound redirection so we have to study why we are facing this(As far as my practical knowledge says avoid using outbound redirection , it increases your troubleshoting part if loop occurs )

I have put this here just to ensure that there should not be routing loop errors while troubleshooting, it’s a serious problem.

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